How can I contact you, what are your hours of operation, and where are you located?

You can reach us at 855-855-CHEER(2433) Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM EST.

We do stay "on call" so we can answer calls evenings and weekends.  You may always call us and if we miss your call please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Email us at: margo@adrenalinecheermusic.com

Our Mailing Address is:
                Adrenaline Cheer Music LLC
                6 Gideon Lane
                Shirley, MA 01464

How much does a mix cost?

We base our pricing on the total length of music you require. This price is all-inclusive.  That means unlimited, custom voice overs, use of an 8-count sheet, sound effects, edits and tweaks as needed (please see song change rules). 

Custom Mix Pricing: 2:30-$500, 2:00-$400, 1:30-$300, 1:00-$200, :30-$100, :15-$50

We don't sell cheer mix CDs.  We will put your custom mix on a CD for you and mail it to you.  There will be a charge of $5.00 for postage. We usually email you the mp3 and you may burn it to your own CDs from your computer.  Burning your own CDs helps keep costs down and is safer for you just in case the CD breaks during mailing.  You will always have a back up if you burn your own.

How much is a RUSH order and how long does it take?

Our "rush" fee is $150 in addition to the base price.  Our rush turn around time is 7-days.  You will move to the front of the line and we will work to get you the music as quickly as possible.  We do try to get it to you before 7 days so we have time to make any edits if needed.

Who do you make mixes for?

We are happy to make music mixes for all ages and skill levels of competitive and recreational cheerleading and dance squads. We can also make custom mixes for many different purposes to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us and inquire about any music you may need.  We have done work for dance schools, father/daughter wedding dances, halftime shows and equestrian drill team music. Please call for more information and pricing.

Do you serve customers outside the United States?

Yes. We have worked with cheerleading teams from England, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.  We use PayPal so there is no problem with exchange rates.

Can I make revisions to my music?

Customers may request revisions to their existing mix at no charge and at any time. Revisions may include changes to such elements as voiceovers; length and tempo. Any changes that are more substantial such as song changes, may incur further charges at the discretion of your producer.  As this is a creative process, we understand that you may want to revise the music once you hear it.  We will do as much as we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the finished mix.  Charges for revisions are decided on a case by case basis.  Please think seriously about your song choices.  Changing songs or entire sections is the most time consuming edit and may result in a mix sounding completely different.  We recommend songs in the 120 bpm range.  If you don't know the beats per minute of a song (BPM) you may just do an internet seach for "How many BPMs is "song title".  We kindly request you submit as many edits at a time as possible as this is the quickest and most efficient way to make sure we get your mix perfect!

I'm a new coach....HELP!

Coaching is a great and demanding job!  Worrying about music should not take up your valuable coaching time!  We are available to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.  Please feel free to call us and we will be happy to explain the process, the terminology and offer our support.  We know that many of you have never coached and never ordered music.  No problem!  We will work with you in the manner that makes you most comfortable.  We are very flexible during the ordering process.  We are happy to take as much or as little creative control as you like.  If you need your music prior to doing your choreography, we recommend you try to order as early as possible.

What is a BPM? How do BPMs affect the length of my mix?

BPM stands for beats per minute.  A good way to think of it is "taking the pulse of the music" like you would take your own pulse. Find the beat of the music and count how many 8-counts are in 30 seconds and multiply by 2 to get the number of beats in 1 minute of music. The number of total 8-count segments, total mix length, and tempo are all interrelated. Younger squads usually choose a tempo of 130-140BPMs, where elite and college squads may choose a tempo as fast as 140-150+ BPMs.  Don’t worry if you are not 100% sure.  We can usually speed up or slow down your mix as needed.  Use this chart to determine how many total counts constitute mixes of different speeds and lengths. You can also do an internet search for "how many BPMS is this song".  Songs that are in the 120-135 bpm range work best.

BPM Chart

When is payment due and do you offer refunds?

We do not require a deposit or payment prior to sending your completed mix.  If you have not paid, you will receive your music with a security voice over.  This will be removed upon payment in full. Payment is due upon receipt of your completed music. We will provide a refund if an error is made on our part that affects your mix and you choose not to work with us to correct it.  We do offer alternate payment options and we accept P.O.s.  Please call us for more info.

Because of the specialized nature of the service we provide and the fact that products are ‘made-to-order’, payment must be made in full when your music is received.  We understand that working with a company over the internet may be intimidating.  For this reason, we will start your order upon receipt of the order form and send you an invoice and directions on how to submit payment. You will be able to hear your music prior to submitting payment. If payment is not received, we reserve the right to offer the music to someone else. We seek to develop strong relationships with gyms, schools and coaches while delivering an unsurpassed level of customer service. Regardless of your method of payment, if you are not pleased with your finished product, we will work closely with you to correct it.

How do I use an 8-count sheet? Find the link to our 8-count sheets on the ORDER page at the top.

The 8-count sheet allows you to put your routine on paper.  You choose the placement of songs, introduction details, on what counts you would like specific sound effects, the name of the stunt being performed, counts of silence (if there is a music-free ‘cheer section’ to your routine) and where voiceovers will be placed.  Please call us if you have questions or special requests that you are unable to communicate using the 8-count sheet.

If you are using an 8 Count Sheet

You may upload your own completed copy or you may use ours. There is a download link on our ORDER page for our 8-count sheets. Completed 8-count sheets may be scanned and downloaded directly via the order form.  You may also send us an email and attach your 8-count sheets.  All correspondence may be emailed to margo@adrenalinecheermusic.com.

If you are not using an 8 Count Sheet...no problem!

If you prefer to choreograph your routine to the mix we provide, you still get a lot of input into how the finished product will sound. Please understand that this method will not be as exact as when using the 8-count sheet.  You may pick up to 15 songs (not all of them may be used) that you would like in your mix.  Just fill out the order form and give us as much information as possible. We will take all the information and requests you give us and combine the elements to produce a fantastic custom mix.  You may still make revisions, however, major revisions may cost extra.  The only difference is that we take on more of the creative process  , like song order and where sound effects will go. You will still get an awesome, energetic custom mix that will get your squad noticed.

Can I have my mix in two tracks?

Yes!  We can make two individual tracks or make one track with silence in the middle for your cheer section.  It's up to you and there is no additional charge.  Our prices are based on the total length of music you need.

Where can I hear more of your music?

Check us out on Soundcloud under Adrenaline Cheer Music!  We also have a Facebook page which we use mainly as a platform for encouragment, support and congratulations!  We are on YouTube too!

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